C65R Dual round capacitor

Product specification

Product features

Standard:《UL810-2008》《IEC 60252-1:2011》《GB/T 3667.1-2005》.

Feature: Low dissipation factor,Low temperature rise,Long service life,Excellent self-healing property,Stable capacitance,Inner explosion-proof divice.

Application: Mainly as motor run capacitor for Airconditioner,washing machine, dishwasher, fan ect.


Technical parameter:

Rate voltage: 110VAC—600VAC

Overload voltage: Be allowable to operate under 1.1 Un

Tolerance: ±5%、+10/-5%、±10%

Overload current: Be allowable to operate under 1.3 In

Dissipation factor: tgδ≤0.0025(100Hz)

Operation Temperature: 40/70/21 40/85/21

Class of operation: B(10000h)

Safety level: 10000AFC,P2.

Withstanding voltage between terminal to case: 2000VAC or 2.4Un+1200VAC

Life Expectation: 10,000hours.

Approval: UL、CUL、TUV

C65R Dual round capacitor

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