shengye company won the GEA Asia excellent suppliers, China's only!
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shengye Company won the title of "Outstanding Supplier" at the GEA Asia Supplier Conference, the only one in Asia and only in China! ! !


GE Global Quality Manager Bill Moon (left 1), Winning Company President WEI Guo-feng (middle), GE Asia General Manager JM Nam (1st right)


Presentation site


Sign in the scene


GEA Outstanding Supplier Award


GEA introduction

Founded in 1878 by Edison, GE Appliances (GEA), the predecessor of GE Appliances, has created the number one appliance in the world for household appliance industry by virtue of its centuries-old technological strength and technology. The first air-tight domestic refrigerator and the first fast Oven and the first sound control appliances. Historically, GEA has focused on craftsmanship, creation, design and experimentation, consistently creating value for the community, delivering superior service, and gaining market and user acceptance. Data show that on average, one in every two U.S. households is using GEA's appliances.



As a technology-based electrical company with more than 20 years of industry experience and an international perspective, Victory has always insisted on the mission of "carrying human dreams and creating a safe life", committed to providing the world with the safest and most reliable electrical products and electrical services .

         Win, as GEA's outstanding supplier for more than 10 years, relying on our own strong independent research and development capabilities and strict control of product quality, excellence, wins the company won the world's leading electrical companies GEA-Haier 2017 Supplier of the Year Award Not by name

Three consecutive years off the assembly line 0PPM, 0 discontinued impact, change the norms timely and effective.

This is a high degree of recognition and comment given to us by our customers.


Product safety, stable performance, customer confidence.

It is our consistent pursuit of shengye! ! !

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