• LCSY reactor
    1. Product useIn capacitor reactive power compensation circuit is often under the influence of harmonic current, switching inrush current and overvoltage, capacitor is easy to damage, so a certain percentage of the series reactor, to restrain and absorption of harmonic, can significantly improve the reliability and stability of the power supply system, in many cases, such as large power grid harmonic content, must be fitted with series capacitor reactor.The main functions of series reactor are:1. Suppress harmonic amplification and filter out a certain proportion of harmonics.2. With the accurate collocation, a passive filter with capacitor series can be used to precisely filter out the harmonics.3. Inhibit the flow of the capacitor and protect the capacitor and other components.Please note:1. The loop of the series reactor can still function as reactive power compensation, but the compensation capacity is smaller than that of the non-series reactor, and the number of reduced quantitie...
  • Syicd-tsc passive filter cabinet
    Syicd-t (M)SC product overviewSYICD -t (M) SC low voltage reactive power compensation device (device), which is my company developed a new type of reactive power compensation of the product, it sums up the characteristics of low voltage reactive power compensation products at home and abroad on the basis of innovation, has the advantages of novel structure, component modularity, quick installation, debugging is simple, easy maintenance and repair. We can configure the compensation controller and all kinds of filter modules or components independently developed by our company to realize intelligent control. The product conforms to standard GB7251.1-2013, GB7251.12-2013, GB/T15576-2008 national standards, and passed the 3 c certification, is a factory, petrochemical, coal, metallurgy, railway, airport, shipyard, hospitals, residential area in low voltage power distribution system such as reactive power compensation, harmonic suppression and absorb the ideal product.
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