Sheng Ye Electric Co., Ltd (Sheng Ye) is a national high-tech enterprise was founded in 1996, one of the national standard drafting units for motor run capacitor, and a member of the Reactive Power Compensation Committee.

As an international enterprise with more than 20 years of experience in electric technology industry, Sheng Ye fully understands the importance of product safety and stability; we’ve prioritize our client's interests and safety in the forefront of our mission. For this reason, Sheng Ye align our mission on providing the safest, most reliable products, and service. At Sheng Ye, we’re committed to “sustain the human dream and create a peaceful lifestyle”.

Company IntroductionOur business specializes in R&D, manufacture, sales and after-sales service. Our products are widely used in many industries such as home appliance ,power quality and distribution system, industrial Power Electronics, and new energy, etc. Our commitment to product safety, stability, and integrated solutions has propel us to a well-recognized supplier in the European and American markets and global organization such as Whirlpool, GE, Schneider, etc.

Sheng Ye occupies approximately 30,000 square meters of manufacturing facility, two technical research & development centers, with 40 national patents, and more than 700 skillful employees (over 80% has college or higher education). Sheng Ye is an ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified company with international certificate from UL, CQC, VDE, and TUV.

To support shengye future business strategy success ,We decided to set up a new factory in Ayutthaya,Thailand ,covers almost 20,000 square meters ,design capacity -1.2 million units per month, main product is CBB65&C65R type motor run capacitors ,the factory have been put into operation in Oct 2019 ,Which passed audit by Whirlpool,Trane ,Lennox in Jun 2020 . 


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